Novel Thinking

“One does not discover new lands without
consenting to lose sight of the shore.”
Andre Gide

Novel Thinking is a unique programme of workshops that transforms the way business leaders think and problem-solve in their working lives.

Human beings are hard-wired to tell stories. These stories powerfully shape the ways we think, feel, act and react. Novel Thinking develops the idea of ‘writing your company’ to work creatively with senior executives on strategic thinking, product and business development, and corporate communication.

Using key techniques from the craft of fiction-writing, Novel Thinking is a proven, highly effective way of enabling business leaders to open up new perspectives and generate powerful new insights.

Designed and led by award-winning writer, Rebecca Abrams, Novel Thinking turns concepts such as narrative, plot, dialogue and character into inspirational tools for senior executives to unlock innovative approaches to the art of doing business.

Feedback from leadership executives on the Novel Thinking programme:
 ‘Direct connection to our work, yet through a unique lens.  Enjoyed this very much!’
‘Really helped me to think about the value of stories and what it means in leadership.’
‘Very effective at causing me to reflect on the manner in which I communicate.’
‘Provided an opportunity for deep reflection – storytelling is an undervalued leadership tool.”
 ‘Very helpful – the fundamentals in storytelling shared by Rebecca can be utilized in many types of conversation and will help me as I continue my leadership journey.’

The Novel Thinking programme can be tailor-made to fit individual requirements. For more information contact

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